Making a Spanking Bench

topic posted Sun, December 26, 2004 - 11:31 AM by  bruhaha
I am presently in the planning stages of making a spanking bench. I have pictures of one I like but am looking for design ideas. Anyone care to help?
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  • A friend had coincidentally just posted a plan on another forum:

    Which would be pretty close to this:

    Haven't perused the site, but there could be more plans there, too. =)


    • One of the best ones I've seen used plywood sides rather than 2x4 or 2x6 legs. The knee/forearm platforms adjusted up and down with wing nuts. One of the sides was hinged under the top to fold inward for storage. Comfy and majorly solid!!! Oh, you might want to set the height for ease of after spanking penetration

      • Padding!! Quality dense foam for the padding is very important especially when doing a long scene. There is a substantial amount of pressure exerted on the body parts in contact with the apparatus. Having low quality padding can lead to problems ranging from ones as simple as short term discomfort decreasing the tolerable length of scene up to more serious considerations like nerve compression causing numbness in the affected body portion for several months. Several years ago I had a problem with the latter issue and, while not health or life threatening, it is very disturbing to have no sensation in your mons for several months. Adjustable height platforms will go a ways toward mitigating this problem as well but even if one is able to shift the weight bearing from midline to extremities (depending on how one is attached to the device this may or may not be an option <grin>) at will, the actual need to do so can be very disruptive to the bottom's headspace. It is so wonderful to be free from distraction and discomfort, able to totally focus on the sensations being administered by the Top/Dom/me!!

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