Punishment shoes - very painful

topic posted Sun, November 4, 2007 - 1:51 PM by  LatexHer
One of our friends some time ago posted a post on another site about using the heavy plastic carpet protectors used under chairs to torment his slavegirls. We were thinking about this and have come up with a simple idea to torment anyone.
The carpet protector sheet we are talking about is available from most good office supply stores and has many spikes on one side to "bite" into the carpet, and hold it in place.

******** We have made the following changes to the old one from our desk.

First. - take a pair of the slaves shoes or boots, shoes with an ankle strap are best.
Second. - remove the insole and place it on the smooth side of the plastic carpet protector sheet.
Third. - carefully cut along the traced lines around the inserts.
Fourth. - replace the insert in her shoes,and install the New Torture Insoles, spikes up.

Last put the shoes on the errant slave and either make her stand, or order her walk around for you.

We guarantee that she will be begging for release in a short while. For extended torment - use a surface grinder or belt sander to buff the sharp edges somewhat smoother. Works well if your taking her out for a walk or dancing. LOL.
The remaining sheet can be placed inside her cage, or under her X frame, or stocks for more enjoyable torture > ENJOY!

Master LatexHer
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    Mon, November 5, 2007 - 1:28 PM
    Be very careful. This kind of thing can cause permanent foot problems.

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      Mon, November 5, 2007 - 2:38 PM
      Indeed - We do suppose - so can wearing high heels on a frequent basis? However taken in moderation only the shadow knows, unless we can get a government grant to promote a detailed study - say ask for a cool million, to study this further? Will you join me in the study? LOL - We would probably get it too!
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        Mon, November 5, 2007 - 7:10 PM
        You are correct that wearing high heels can cause serious foot problems. They did it for me. I now have to wear corrective shoes and may be wearing them the rest of my life. And I've had foot surgery on both feet.

        But I am also aware that carpet runner, at it's typical height, can cause nerve damage to the foot when someone is caused to stand or walk on it for extended periods. (This would be going out dancing with the stuff in your shoes. Or it could just entail standing in the corner in one spot for more than half an hour. I have Kaiser and I wrote to my foot doctor about this. Yes, my doctors know what I'm into. They find it amusing.)

        So, please do as you wish, but this guy's posts make me very nervous. He's posted at least twice where he left out very cogent information about the dangers in the practices he is advocating. I don't know if he's just careless, or he doesn't care about submissives.

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    Wed, November 14, 2007 - 10:10 AM
    This sounds like it could damage other areas of your body...according to foot reflexology.
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      Wed, November 14, 2007 - 3:39 PM
      this does sound dangerous and would not advocate any one doing it
      but i will leave the thread so others do not try this
      latex her you should make a pair for your self and give it a try before you hurt any one else
      that way you only can blame your self
      if you ground down the points it may make a good foot massage
      general rule of thumb is don't mess with the feet they are way to important in life to mess with just for some pain fun
      please think before you act
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        Wed, November 21, 2007 - 9:24 AM
        This poor guy can't catch a break in any of the newbie tribes he's been trolling. ROLF
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          Wed, November 21, 2007 - 2:54 PM
          Well, you know that a lot of us who post here are educators. Our problem with this guy (besides wondering if he's got a split personality) is that he posts all of this stuff purporting to be informational, but he leaves out the real and present dangers of the practices he's advocating. And then he gets annoyed when they are pointed out and accuses us of attacking him. Jeeze louise!!

          I wore high heels for bartending and waitressing while I was in college, and for work (though not as high as the one's I wore where my appearance meant tips) and spike heels for prodomming. I took good care of my feet, and today I'm wearing Nike's with medically designed insoles ALL THE DAMN TIME. And those that know me, know how much I enjoy going barefoot, and I'm not even allowed that luxury anymore. I have to have the shoes on all the time I'm upright. I sure as hell didn't put spikes in my shoes and go out dancing. That's just a fast way to hell for your feet.

          Now I enjoy various forms of foot torture just like a lot of tops, but I'm not stupid how I do it. Clamps on the toes. A little bastinado (done carefully and safely) and maybe some tickling. The spike thing will cause blisters. It digs into pressure points. And it can cause severe nerve damage. I called my foot doctor at Kaiser and asked him. He was appalled that anyone would even think of that. Now I might let someone stand or kneel on that spiky stuff for a few minutes, (and I emphasize FEW) but wear it in their shoes? No way. I care about the people I play with.

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            Wed, June 4, 2008 - 10:13 AM
            Well it seems that their are several experts here on most of these sites. With due regard I must once again remind all you experts that everything is in moderation - including these shoes.

            Perhaps you experts should remind all of your followers that whips can leave deep bruises, nipple clamps can cut off circulation, tight ropes can cause arterioles to collapse, and more! I think that if you would spend some of your wasted time attempting to better this community it would certainly have a better name in the general publics eye!

            For all you experts - Keep your shoes on and keep on walking! Hopefully with punishment shoes you never have tried or know nothing about on!

            Domina - you should have stayed in bartending - Medical adverts are not in your repertoire!
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              Wed, June 4, 2008 - 2:26 PM
              Bartending? How interesting. Perhaps you have me confused with someone else.

              Medical experts like my family doctor (who used to work in the Castro and who knows what I'm into), my foot doctor (who also knows what I'm into) and my physical therapists (again, who know what I'm into) and none of whom are judgemental, have stated that only someone who is totally careless of a submissive's health would do something like that with their submissive's shoes.

              Somehow, I think they are more credible than some silly twit who keeps posting idiotic crap that he's apparently learned in an AOL chat room with other people who don't do this for real.

              And any instructor who doesn't teach caution with the toys we use is just as criminally careless as some idiot who advocates crap that he has never checked out in the real world with medical professionals.

              Perhaps you are unhappy that your attempts to troll amongst the newbies have met with failure because they aren't desperate enough to play with someone who appears to be uncaring of their safety and ignorant of basic medical wisdom.

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              Sun, June 8, 2008 - 3:11 PM
              While I do realize that Domina can be a bit abrasive at times (can't we all?) the information she provides is almost always thought out, researched, and highly accurate. While I have disagreed with a couple of her opinions I have never caught her posting flawed information.

              Not everything should be done in moderation. You should not set yourself on fire occasionally just to keep balance with all the days you go swimming. If a thing can not be recovered from then it is, by its nature, immoderate and unsafe. Just ONE night of dancing in shoes with spikes inside them can send a person to the ER and permanently damage them.
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              Re: Punishment shoes - very painful

              Sun, June 8, 2008 - 6:23 PM
              I'm no expert, but I feel as though if someone can save one person from what you've suggested here, then it is not a waste of time. This suggestion would have SEVERELY hurt someone had domina not immediately said something about the dangers. There are a lot of newcomers in Tribe and a lot of people who are new to BDSM aren't always aware of some of the dangers of it right of the bat. I can see a lot of people reading this thread and trying it out and hurting their sub.

              I've been in a few tribes that Domina is in and she has always had a very level head about herself. She's been honest and considerate of everyone around her. Typically with our lifestyle if someone talks about something that is dangerous and someone else points out it's dangerous, the person who suggested it in the first place is usually grateful for the warning. A sign you shouldn't be a top is this stubbornness you are showing right now. It's arrogant and shows a lack of consideration for anyone who you would top. I know that I avoid anyone who will not talk and take suggestions from other people in the community. If they're reluctant to do that, then they don't give a flip about my well-being.

              I've been reading this thread a while and have said nothing, but your response here is immature and shows a complete lack of responsibility. You are the exact kind of top that could ruin the whole experience for someone. You have no business being in control of what happens to another human being. You are too irresponsible for it.

              I'm sorry if I ramble or don't make sense. I usually stick to the ageplay tribes, so I may seem odd out of context.
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                Sun, June 8, 2008 - 8:20 PM
                I think a lot of us are guilty of bad advice from time to time. When I read the post the first time I thought it was a great idea. As I had some of the material to make a pair I did. Just standing up hurt so much I sat right back down.

                I put it down as a "Great idea the just doesn't work". Sounds great on paper.

                I have come up with lots of ideas that just did not work. Thankfully I did not hurt myself or others.
                (Well there was that time as a child when I jumped off the roof of our house with home made wings)
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                  Re: Punishment shoes - very painful

                  Sun, June 8, 2008 - 8:31 PM
                  "(Well there was that time as a child when I jumped off the roof of our house with home made wings)"

                  I admit to nothing here but ...those two 'flaps' felt pretty awesome.
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                  Tue, June 10, 2008 - 2:59 PM
                  There are hundreds of different types of plastic carpet protectors available. When I was in Washington, I found some nice rubber ones with much softer rubber spikes. Perhaps some of you just did not seek out the best materials for your projects. Another thing is that should you have the hard sharp spikes, you can dull them down with a sander and still have painful shoes!
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                Tue, June 10, 2008 - 3:00 PM
                Wow they do really stick together - don't they!
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                  Tue, June 10, 2008 - 3:56 PM
                  No, not always, but when you hear many voices saying the same thing sometimes that is an indication not of conspiracy, but that you should listen.
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                    Re: Punishment shoes - very painful

                    Tue, June 10, 2008 - 5:46 PM
                    Myriad, the guy and the mouse in his beard (that's my only explanation for why he keeps saying "we") are not going to listen to anything said to him here. We're not the experts in his AOL chat room. We actually, (gasp!) do this in real life, so how can we possibly know how to play properly. Too bad he's the top and not the bottom for his "great" ideas. A couple of trips to the emergency room might cool down his fancies. I'd bet that when he injures someone, he blames them for it and abandons them. He and his mouse could not possibly be wrong.

                    I'd love to hear him and Jay Wiseman in a debate, though. That might be worth selling tickets to, just to see the look on Jay's face as Latex expounds his latest creation.

                    Domina (maybe it's not a mouse, maybe it's a split personality. No, usually in a split personality one of them is fun.)
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    Sun, June 8, 2008 - 2:54 PM
    Rather than resting weight on the carpet protectors (since I believe Domina when she said she spoke to several medical experts) why not wrap a strip of the protector around a soft part of the body, like around the breasts or around a thigh. Actually, if you wrap them around the thighs you could make it mighty uncomfortable to sit, without likely causing long-term damage. IF there is a slight amount of looseness to the wrap then the slight movement of the spikes could be mighty punishing, I would figure.
    • Re: Punishment shoes - very painful

      Tue, June 10, 2008 - 5:49 PM
      Now that is a creative idea, -robin. If you took a piece of that and inserted in the bra, under the breast, that would be a really annoying thing. You'd have to be careful (at least for women who had large breasts) to file down the spikes so that they wouldn't cause puncture wounds, but that could be a lovely form of torture.

  • Re: Punishment shoes - very painful

    Tue, March 17, 2015 - 6:37 AM
    At the risk of sounding grandiloquent and after almost , 8 years of practicing what I preach - no one has been injured by my original post! In fact some of have posted on sites like Fetlife, disseminating from the original idea. Knowledgeable S/m practitioners have used carpet protectors, dry rice in shoes, and even custom made steel soled shoes to make a slaves feet uncomfortable while standing.

    What continues to amuse me is the prejudice which I once was the target of so many years ago! I do hope that their combined rhetoric has now become moot, and and disreputable as the day it began.

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