DIY fleshlight holder.

topic posted Mon, January 8, 2007 - 6:23 PM by  sand
I missed out on the clear fleshlight cases and my Master wanted to use it with the clear fleshlight so I went out and got ingenuitive!

ok, not really, it's just a little hack, but it works well.

Gatorade makes a new drink in a longer thinner bottle. The yellow flavor is called, fittingly enough, Endurance. The bottle is just right to cut out a hole in the bottom.

If you do it smoothly and soften the edges it works out perfectly.

I wish i could remember the diameter.

I found a template of the appropriate size and scored the plastic repeatedly until it was super thin and easy to cut. If you just try to manhandle it with a razor it tends to make straight lines that go way off course.

I recommend using white electrical tape on the rim because it helps the seal and is aesthetically pleasing. The white variety also tends to have less adhesive making it cleaner. I prefer "Scotch" brand personally.

The bottle has sturdier sides than the prototype, an Evian bottle, and the wide mouth makes it perfect for pouring in your lube of choice. it also helps for washing since you can pour in isopropyl alcohol for cleanup and put the lid back on. That way you can shake it for a good thurough cleaning.

The suction is AMAZING, especially if you release the pressure when you're about to climax.

Great for all fleshlights.

If anybody has any ideas for a cover for the opening to the fleshlight itself I'd love some input. the only bad part of this design is it leave the mound exposed and thus it can get a little dirty.

Enjoy! And if you don't have a fleshlight yet, go get one!!
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