Penis and Urethral Insertion Toys

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Some of us, men and women, indulge in the unusual practice of inserting toys into our urinary meatus and even deeper. This topic will cover such toys and how we find or make such toys. This type of play is considered medical, so precautions need to be taken when using these home made or easy constructed toys. This topic may prove to be very interesting, after a bit.
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    Re: Penis and Urethral Insertion Toys

    Tue, September 14, 2010 - 9:29 PM
    My first urethral insertion toy is Mr. Sneaky Snake. Its a 22 inch long latex snake that has a 1 inch dia. body at the fat part. It looks like a very real snake and I got it at Rain Forrest Cafe near an airport. I have threaded a very strong black string thru its cute little head and down the neck and into the body and then back up thru the other side back out the head near the little mouth. The pull string is over 18" long and I want to make sure it was long enought for removal. With plenty of KY injected into my penis meatus, I start with the snakes tail and very slowly squeeze the whole thing in as well as head. Then, with head just inside the meatus hole, I inject more KY and push the head deeper and deeper and deeper and as the head goes around Cobb's Curve I relax my bladder and in it all pops. Only a few inches of the pull string is left on outside and I can sit and watch adult shows with this wiggly thing inside my bladder. Now that is a invasive toy if I ever have seen one and it works so well. However, take notice, if bladder starts to have ejection spasms, try to relax enought to slowly, but slowly remove this thing or it will wad up inside for more serious stuff. So when it wants out, let the snake slide out with a slow tug on string and a little urge to take a leak. Works great on girls too.

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