Rectal insertion toys

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This topic is for toys that are to be inserted into the anus and deeper into the rectum. Toys should be home made or something found elsewhere and used as such - no true sex shop purchased anal toys. And more specific, huge toys or toys that go inside the rectum and stay for long periods of time. For most all my unique toy insertions, I use plenty of lube and usually a 2 qrt enema to help things go in more nicely.
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    Tue, September 14, 2010 - 9:34 PM
    Ever try a 1 litere plastic bottle. Well, actually, with 4 qrt enemas, I use to do entire filled wine bottles. But after seeing a glass bottle break inside a guy on Internet, I was sold on plastic. Take a enema and then slowly sit on a plastic water bottle of about 1 litere. Glaciua or such makes nice ones. After some practice, you can consume the whole bottle into the rectum and it will feel like its looking deeply into place. In fact, I have mowed my yard on riding mower with mine in place. But for sure, try to have bowel movement and slowly remove the bottle before orgasms (male or female) or else you will have to wait 10 min. to regain your muscle controls down there. This bottle provides a nice stomach distention as well as pressure on the bladder. Be sure you take a nice enema before insertion to make your bowels open up to this new invasive toy. Oh the wonder of it all (inside you)........

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